Monday, August 4, 2008

Hold to the rod, the iron rod

We went to the Church History Museum, "I am a child of God" exhibit, with our primary last week. All the kids had such a great time on the tour. All I could think about was how much I would love to have access to this exhibit every Sunday for Sharing Time. Each little section of the wall would make a perfect sharing time!

Morgan and Hadley are learning about the strait and narrow path to the tree of life

Here is Morgan practicing walking on the strait and narrow path. She is showing us how to hold tight to the iron rod!

This was Morgan's favorite part of the exhibit--the hospital nursery which was there to show kids how we start off in this world. Morgan played almost the whole time with these babies--rocking them, singing "I am a child of God", bathing them, and making sure they didn't have any heart problems! She's an expert on AV Canals! :)

Time to go get some ice cream and (Morgan) make a HUGE mess in the car on the way home!

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