Monday, August 11, 2008

It's all about Hadley!

We took a four day vacation last week to Newport Beach in California with Hadley and Mia. We figured it was Hadley's turn to have her own trip with us (and Mia) since both Jack and Ryan got to go on a trip with Gavin all by themselves a few years ago. She had a GREAT time with us but I think she had even a better time with the Ware's girls that were also on the trip!

We spent the first day at Fashion Island -- a fun shopping area with restaurants, shops, fountains, ponds, etc. We got lunch, did some shopping, Hadley made a purple, sparkly bear at Build-A-Bear, rode the carousel, and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

Hadley and Mia outside the Koi pond

Hadley holding her new bear, "Sparkle"

After dinner at Fashion Island
The next day was Hadley's favorite! We rented a car and drove to LA so that we could go to the American Girl Place. This store is a little crazy! They have stylists that fix the dolls hair in little salon doll chairs and charge $20 for braids. Luckily Hadley didn't think her doll needed her hair done (not that we would have let her!) and wanted to spend most of her time shopping and finding a new doll. She quickly jumped from Elizabeth to Kirsten to Ivy to Ruthie. And then there was no question about it-- Ruthie was the doll she wanted. We then had a 4 course lunch in the American Girl Cafe. Hadley was able to have both her dolls dine right next to her in their high chairs.

Ellie, Hadley, Addison and Emma on their way to the store

All of us in front of the store

Hadley standing in front of Kit's and Ruthie's tree house

Getting ready for lunch with Mia and Ruthie

The next day we took the ferry over to Balboa Beach and spent the day on the beach --well Hadley, Mia and I spent it on the beach. Gavin, Chad and Adam were in the ocean the entire time, body surfing. We were in a spot with HUGE waves and I think they had more fun than any of the kids. We all left with a little sunburn --even Mia got a little red on her face, hat on and all.

Hadley, Addison, Emma and Ellie on the ferry ride to Balboa

Playing on the beach and finding seashell treasures

Mia, me and Hadley on the beach

Cute little Mia

Gavin and Chad waiting for the next big wave

We spent the last day doing a little more shopping and just relaxing. In the end--it was a trip all about Hadley (and Mia)!!


Grandma Bethany said...

It sounds like a little girls dream come true!
What a great way to make Hadley feel special!
You have had some wonderful trips this year.

karol said...

Lucky girl!! My girls dream of going to an American Girl shop!

BTW, our girls not only had the same Easter dresses this year, they also have the same swim suits! :)

Hadley is a cute mini Heather! -- does the personality match?!

Chris said...

The photo of your girls--well two of your girls--is beautiful.

I took my little ladies to American Girl Place in New York a couple of months ago. Thankfully, the didn't see the need to have their doll's hair styled either.

Looks like you had a great trip--how nice that you get some alone time with each of your kids. They must feel very special!