Thursday, June 12, 2008

Washington D.C.

Day 1

Here are some of the details of our latest trip to Washington DC. This time we took the whole family, except for Morgan and Griffin (they stayed home with grandma the first two days and then a young, energetic, up for the challenge, couple the rest of the time).

We left early Wednesday morning. Can you see the excitement in my kiddo's faces? Oh wait. . . that is pure misery in Hadley's face. As you can guess she is very upset that she had to sit by Ryan and be pestered for 4 hours. So upset that she felt it was impossible to even pull off a 'pretend-to-be-happy smile' for the camera.

Once again, Mia was so great on the flight--ate and slept through the whole thing. Which gave us all lots of time to play the in-flight trivia game. This was my first experience with being able to watch satellite tv while flying. The weather channel was great fun--I was able to learn all about a severe weather and tornado watch in Washington DC. We weren't able to land at either of the airports in DC and had to temporarily go to PA. for refueling and to wait for the storm to pass. We finally made it to DC about an hour later than planned.

When we got to the baggage claim area we were greeted by this friendly, smiling lady that had a private car waiting to take us to our hotel. The kids felt like celebrities!

We got to our hotel in time to go out for some dinner with the Ware's. The weather was crazy. It started raining so hard while we were walking around looking for somewhere to eat that we ended up running in to get some dinner at the first place we saw--Qdoba. Luckily it was pretty tasty and really affordable which left us with some extra change to spend on a $20 umbrella at Barnes and Nobles that we didn't need for the rest of the 'heat wave' trip experience.

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Tisha Mehraban-Smith said...

Wow!! How much fun you are having! You have such a great family. That is truly a blessing. I am coming to SLC Thanksgiving. It would be great to see you.