Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 3

We started the day with a tour of the Library of Congress. I've never really thought much about this library and/or it's purpose before this trip, but Jack kept saying he really wanted to see it. Wow! This library is amazing--beautiful architecture, paintings, statues, and Thomas Jefferson's personal library of books that he sold to the library. It reconfirmed to me the power of books and knowledge.
Inside the Library of Congress
We then walked across the street to take a tour of the Capitol with our friendly Jim Matheson intern, Stan, who was very energetic and full of trivial information. Unfortunately Congress was not in session since it was Friday. But still very neat to see the inside of the rotunda with all the beautiful artwork and history.
On our way to the Capitol tour

The kids are showing off the Utah statue of Brigham Young. (But they were most impressed by Hawaii's donation of King Kamehameha all covered in gold)

Standing out on the courtyard of the Capitol
Gavin and the boys spent the afternoon at the International Spy Museum while Hadley, Jill and I did some shopping at Filene's Basement.
Then it was out to dinner with Chad and Jill (the Ware family all ate inside together) at Harry's

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