Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Fun

We spent most of Saturday afternoon at Camp Kostopulos for a Family Day event. It was a warm, beautiful and sunny day! We all had a GREAT time! Most of the activities were geared towards older kids, but everyone had a good time up in the beautiful mountains and hiking around the camp. I came home with a sore back from carrying Mia in the backpack the whole day, Gavin came home with a nice sunburned face and the kids came home with their faces painted wanting to know if they could keep it on for church the next day.
All the kids went horseback riding (except Griffin who was too young)

Hadley is practicing her pageant wave for 'Rodeo Queen'

Jack is very allergic to horses and was loaded up on antihistamines for his leisure ride

And here's Ryan enjoying his ride

Morgan wasn't too sure about getting on the horse. They had her go on the tallest one and they swung her up on him. She wouldn't look up at all for the entire ride. But when it was over and time to get off, she looked at Gavin with a big smile and said, "woo, that was fun!!"

Here she is after the ride hanging out with Ryan-- still smiling with the afterthoughts of the adventures of riding a horse.

Jack completed the ropes course which was 25-50 feet above ground. There is no way I could have done that with my fear of heights. Way to go Jack!

Ryan is getting his harness on to do the rock wall

Hadley and Ryan waiting for their turn to climb the rock wall

Ryan on the wall

Hadley on the wall--she got all the way to the top!!

Griffin-- cheering on his brothers and sisters

We ended the days activities with some food and face painting. All the kids choose to have their faces painted like their favorite animals. Hadley's is a dog.

Ryan is a gorilla (monkey)

And Jack's (of course!) is a frog!


blake said...

What a fun day! You are amazing all of the things you do with all the kids. You will be exhausted but making such great memories!

Grandma Bethany said...

O.K. So, I didn't know I was writing on Blake's account...however, I am sure he is pleased also!

Heidi Rushing said...

I was going to say - hey! Blake has never commented on my blog, what is this, playing favorites?! What a great place! Where was this and can we go add that to the annual lagoon trip tradition? DOes this make sense? My double dose of tylenol pm has really kicked in - I can barely see straight! (it took me four tries to spell 'straight')