Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!

We had a New Year's Eve celebration at Brittany & Jamie's house this year. We first went out to dinner at a pizza place (which always seems challenging to do with Morgan and Griffin) and then to their home. We had a fun night with playing board games, singing Karaoke, letting the kids all go wild, eating lots of yummy appetizers (homemade California rolls, crackers with lots of different toppings, chips and salsa, and, of course, Martinelli's sparkling cider at midnight) and watching the ball drop in NYC.
I haven't had time to think about any new year's resolutions or set any new goals. My focus seems to be kind of narrow right now ... I am just trying to get through these next few weeks and not be pregnant anymore. Here's wishing everyone a very Happy 2008 from the Seals!

Jack and Ryan went to the Jazz game with grandma and grandpa and then joined us for the party after the game.

Morgan had fun playing with all the new toys at her cousins, Grace & Sarah

Jack and Ryan with Gavin

Hadley had fun banging pots and pans at midnight with her cousins Rilee and Grace. Even Griffin wanted in on the action and grabbed a pan and wanted to go outside with it in the freezing cold!

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Grandma Bethany said...

Grandpa and I had a great time at the game with Jack and Ryan. They really get into the game. It reminds us of a few years ago (o.k. more than a few years) when our own kids were little.