Friday, January 25, 2008

Block of Wood

Busy, busy, busy! That seems to be the feeling in our home right now. It just feels like there is not enough time to get done all that needs to be done with six kids. Like last week when I forgot there was no school on Friday and didn't study any Spelling Lists in time for the test on Thursday. Hadley brought her test home on Monday, a little sad, as she took it out of her backpack. "Mom, I am doing really bad at school!" I looked at her spelling test--8 correct out of 20 possible with some writing on it from her teacher, "Nice try, Hadley"! I hope her teacher, the piano teacher, the cub scout master, the carpool drivers, the bus driver, the school teachers, etc. all realize we just had a baby and life is still a little crazy around here. Hopefully we will be able to get our children to school on time again before summer arrives!

Well it was time for the annual Pinewood Derby last night. Gavin had been asking the boys to draw their designs on their cars for a few days but somehow nothing really got done on them and then it just got too late to do much with them or get them painted. Gavin showed the boys their cars right before he took them over to the cub master's house for the final weigh in. The boys LOVED their cars!! "Dad, those look awesome!!"

The cub master had fun calling Jack's and Ryan's car a "block of wood". i.e., "And the block of wood comes in 2nd place, once again!" Ryan's car ended up taking 4th place overall! Jack's did well but did not qualify for the finals.


Grandma Bethany said...

Great fun for all of us. It was especially fun watching both Jack and Ryan's 'blocks of wood' beating cars that had been carved, sanded and painted.

Brittany said...

Maybe I don't want a boy, all this scouting stuff seems like a lot of work. On second thought, Jamie is already doing most of it, just not with our sons!