Friday, December 25, 2015

25 Days of Christmas Countdown for our Favorite Missionary

I thought it would be fun to do a 25 Days Countdown for Jack's first Christmas in the mission field.  I was late at getting started and had to hurry to get things there in time for him to open something each day.  I would've tried to do something more centered around Christ if I had thought it out better. I tried to tie in a scripture or thought with each gift but didn't write them down before I mailed them and of course don't remember what I wrote with each gift but this shows the general idea for his countdown.

Day 1
Advent calendars for his companion and 2 roommates

Day 2 
Elf on the Shelf

Day 3
Deck The Halls (or your apartment) for Christmas!

Day 4
Paper Christmas Tree.  I cut this tree out of butcher paper and then sent it to him with tinsel, lights, a light up star for the top of the tree and ornaments that represented favorites for him and his companion.

Christmas Ornaments

Day 5
Hot cocoa and mugs for Jack, his companion and roommates

Day 6
Christmas stationery and snowman candle

Day 7
Christmas goodies to make and to share

Day 8
Reindeer antlers and noses

Day 9
Magnetic Snowman and Christmas Trees 

Day 10
Snow in a can (for the sunny Christmas in Houston)

Day 11
Yummy Christmas Treat 

Day 12
Old Maid Card Game

Day 13
Christmas Paddle Ball Tournament

Day 14 
Make a Gingerbread House

Day 15
Panini Grill

Day 16
Pine Scented Candle...Let your Light Shine

Day 17
"Baby It's Cold Outside" hand warmers

Day 18
Calendar with sticky notes and messages from ward members.

Day 19
100 Days on his mission = 100 piece puzzle.  Seals, of course.

Day 20
My missionary loves frogs so I try to always send him a few frog items.  Frog notepad, book mark, notebook and "excelente" frog stamp .

Day 21
CTR rings in Spanish to give to investigators, members and recent converts with a picture of his little brother wearing his CTR that was published on Spanish LDS website with a Spanish quote from Elder Holland.

Day 22
Star Wars premiere was on this day back home so I sent him some Star Wars decorations and candy to make him feel included in our family viewing.

Day 23 
New ornaments to add to his tree

Day 24 
Slippers for his tired feet

Day 25
His Christmas package . . . stocking (filled with his favorite treats), sweaters, tie and BofM "Moroni" socks.

And of course the best Christmas gift of all came later that day when we got to see our cute missionary's face for the first time in almost 4 months!

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