Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks in the Mission Field

 It's hard to send Thanksgiving dinner in a package to your missionary so we did our best with a few of his favorites...beef jerky, Pepperidge Farms meat and cheese box, Thanksgiving decorations and drumstick headbands, sunflower seeds and chocolates and caramels. But of course, his favorite part of the package didn't have anything to do with food or treats.  He loved the Gratitude Leaf Garland. . . a leaf from each family member with a note of gratitude written to Jack.  I always get caught up in trying to think of fun things that he'll want for each holiday when I need to remember that nothing compares to just a hand written note and love from home.  

Thanksgiving letters from Mia and Griffin

Elder Seal with his district on Thanksgiving

So grateful to the amazing ward members in Houston who take such good care of the missionaries.  Jack had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with a table full of missionaries from his area.  And the best part of my day was when I got a surprise text in the middle of my Thanksgiving dinner with a picture and video of my missionary from a ward member.

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