Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Oh Christmas!  The highlight of the year!  Not sure who woke up who but everyone was up by 7 am and ready to go.  Well, everyone except for Mom.  I went to bed after 2 am and wasn’t quite ready to be awake 5 hours later.  

Who’s ready for Christmas???

Santa delivered!  Jack got his first cell phone.  Hadley got the iHome she was wanting.  Griffin got a new Ds game and lots of Legos.  Mia got a new Belle dress up and doll.

Ryan was excited to find not one but two hamsters from Santa.

Morgan got a talking Belle doll from Santa but didn’t care about that.  She was way too excited about her Tangled barbie doll from her aide, Brittany.  She opened it up and ran right to the computer and spent the rest of the morning acting out “Tangled” with her new doll and the movie playing on the computer.  She had a huge pile of presents waiting for her after she finished the movie.

A new family picture for the office

The big surprise in the stockings . . .  a family trip in February.  This will be our first time to take the 3 youngest on a cruise.  Hoping it won’t be all work and there will be some fun mixed in with the chaos.  Nan and Papa are joining us too!  Wahoo!

Since Christmas was on Sunday this year, we opened presents, had Gavin’s gourmet french toast for breakfast, took a late morning nap (maybe that was only me?), and got ready for church at noon.  After church, we went up to my parents for brunch and more gift exchanging.

Grandma and Grandpa with all of the grandchildren that live in Utah

Once again, everyone was spoiled and loved what they got!

Until next year, Christmas!

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Alex and Kristi said...

What a wonderful Christmas! And a cruise! FUN!!!