Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marathon Weekend

We went to St. George this past weekend for the St. George Marathon. Gavin trained all summer and put in many early morning runs. He started his runs at 5 in the morning so that he could beat the morning heat. He drove me around his route one morning in the car. I was tired just from sitting in the car, driving 20 miles through random streets and neighborhoods. No idea how he could run that far and still function. If that was me . . . well I can't even run a mile without stopping so that would never be me but if I could run . . . I would come home and crash and not move for the rest of the day. He was ready for this marathon and put in all of the training miles recommended. I don't know how anyone can put in that many miles and not get injured along the way. And he did get injured. A week before the marathon he injured his IT Bands on his last big run. He couldn't run without pain that last week but was still determined to run the marathon.

We stayed at Nan and Papa's house. Papa's sister, Joan, passed away a few days before the marathon and her funeral was the same day as the marathon. We got to spend a few hours with them before they left town for the funeral. Ryan stayed home with his friend so he could play in his football game on Saturday. And we took his friend's sister down with us because we really wouldn't know what to do with less than six kids.

The three girls all shared a room and two twin beds. Sylvie and Hadley learned to be patient with Morgan's constant requests of having one of them rotate sleeping next to her.

It was 100 DEGREES! our first day there. We took the kids to the city water park. They loved running through the fountains and wading through the water. We stopped for a frozen custard on the way home.

Dripping wet after running through the fountains

Dinner at Pizza Factory. Carb loading for the marathoners and fat loading for the non-marathoners.

My kids got to see their long lost cousins--Cole and Kamen. And meet their new baby cousin, Shae.

We took lots of pictures of baby Shae Nicole.

Gavin left me with all of the kids on Friday night so that he could go to the cabin in Pine Valley and get a good nights rest. I don't blame him. I would've gone somewhere else to sleep too if that would've been an option. Not a lot of sleeping happens with everyone sharing rooms and out of their own beds.

The 3 marathoners --Monyca, Richie and Gavin. Heading out to the cabin.

Morning of the marathon. I don't want to complain but it really felt like I was the one who ran the marathon that morning. Getting all of the kids and myself ready and finding a place to park and then waiting and waiting for Gavin to pass us so we could cheer him on. All in 90 degree temps. Trying to keep Morgan from running in front of the runners. She did manage to push the stroller, slowly across the road, in front of a runner. The runner just kept saying, "excuse me. excuse me." and then she glared at Morgan. She almost made the runner trip and fall. My deepest apologies to that runner. Jack was in charge for a minute and thought Morgan could cross the road to come over to me. I also need to apologize to Jack for saying the "h" word when it all happened.

Excited to cheer on their dad with their homemade signs

Griffin proudly held his sign up and cheered for his dad. Even though he was concerned about him winning the race. Every time I asked him if he was ready to go to the race and cheer for daddy, he commented, "Yah. I just don't know if he's going to win the race."

The star of the show! We waited on the street around mile 25. We were so excited to finally spot him out of the crowd of runners. He threw his sweat rag from his head over to the kids and Griffin carried it around with him for the rest of the morning. He knew his dad was a ROCK STAR!

Go Gavin Go! 4:14 Final Time!

We found him in the park after the marathon with all of the other runners. It was so hot out there. We looked for some shade and sat down. Gavin always comes out from the running area carrying lots of popsicles and ice cream for all of the kids to enjoy. And enjoy they did. It was so hot. Record heat for the marathon. Still don't know how anyone finished the race in that heat. Gavin wanted to finish in less than 4 hours and was on pace until mile 20. Then the heat and pain got to him. I'm still amazed at his time. 4:14! Way to go "Jack C"!

Morgan helped put the ice on Gavin's sore legs.

Gavin's uncle finished his 27th marathon and Gavin finished his 6th marathon. Way to go, Richie and Gavin!

His biggest fans!

Lots of support! Rae and family, Brendan, Nicole and family. And us.

Nan and Papa live right by the "bubble (boob) pools" and every time we drive by them the kids want to know when they can go swimming there. Hadley made it known that that was all she wanted to do on this trip. So we finally did it. We went to the indoor pools after the marathon. Morgan loved squirting other swimmers by turning the wheel and the frog slide. Griffin liked playing with his cousin. Hadley, Sylvie and Jack liked the lily pads and water slide. And Mia liked climbing up and down the stairs.

We kept up the tradition of going to Pine Valley for dinner with the Thomas family. Yummy steak dinner! Thanks Uncle Richie! We thought we'd try to enjoy it a little more this year and leave the little kids home and have Jack babysit. It was a great idea and we were able to enjoy our meal. Until we got back home. Morgan found a can of non-stick cooking spray and decided to spray it all around the kitchen while no one was paying attention. It took hours to clean up the mess that she probably made in just a few minutes of inattentiveness .

It was a fun weekend but it's always so nice to come home--to our own beds and a child-proofed home!


Carrie said...

Way to go Gavin!! My hubby ran St. George a few years ago...and hasn't run another marathon since. :P I'm running my first marathon on Saturday here in the South...should be fun!

Meghann said...

I'm so impressed with all the running Gavin has done! IT band injuries are painful! Sounds like the kind of trip you're glad you went on but also a little happy when it's over. ;)

Alex and Kristi said...

Sounds like a fun and eventful weekend! What did you use to cut the grease from the cooking spray?

Tausha said...

Congrats Gavin. My Sister-in-Law ran the St. George Marathan as well. How do you do the collage of pictures???

Kristin said...

Love the sweatshirt over the hands :)

Robyn said...

hi heather! i've just been reading your blog from latest to the marathon. way to go, gavin! your kids are so cute! you know i have the secret plan of our oldest kids dating in the future:) they are such neat teenagers. anyway, where do your nan and pop live in st. george? what neighborhood? it looks like my parents neighborhood and they might be friends? you never know! we need to get together in the future when we;re in UT. (next year?? maybe?)