Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A quick getaway

I decided to tag along with Gavin on his business trip to Phoenix last week. I even joined him for a meeting and business lunch one afternoon, but most of the time I was out enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, eating, shopping, playing and driving with my SBFF who lives in Gilbert, AZ (about 45 miles from our hotel) while Gavin was in meetings.

Our hotel was right next to the Westgate City Center so we spent a lot of the time there. It was a fun area with shopping, dining, arenas, movie theater, water features and lots of billboards. "NY Times Square meets the desert" or something like that.

We had a little South Beach Diet contest last month with our friends and celebrated our weight loss results-- almost 50 lbs between the 4 of us -- with a fattening dinner at Yard House. Yummy onion rings!

We went shopping in Phoenix in this area called Melrose District. It had all of these great shops full of shabby chic/vintage home decor. I've spent the last few months furniture shopping for my home (I'll save that for another post though) and love looking at all of this stuff. So cute!

After shopping, we grabbed lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory

We got to enjoy sunshine and freedom for a few days before coming back home to the snow and cold. Oh and six cute kids! How can they grow up and change so much in just 2 days, especially Mia? I'm pretty sure she was just a little baby when I left not the big girl who was waiting for me when I got home.


mauimom said...

It is always fun to get away, and more fun to return home to sweet kids!

Lacey said...

How nice for you and your hubby to get away alone! (and someplace warm too!)

Tausha said...

How nice to be able to get away and spend time with good friends and your husband. Jealous of the warm weather and shopping. :-)

Lisa said...

All I have to say is that you are way too skinny to be a mom of 6 kids. Color me jealous ;)

Glad you had a fun getaway, though!

Beverly said...

sounds like a great time.

Cheri said...

Just trying to catch up on your blog.. Looks like you had a great time. I love the shabby chic furniture store..

DKAZ said...

I agree with Lisa, way to skinny. But I'd like to know why the title isn't: The best quick getaway EVER? Cuz it sure seemed like it to me!

Kristie said...

WHY are you dieting!?? Ummm... whatever..

Your shopping pictures make me want to outfit a nursery and I don't even have any kids! ;)

I simply can't believe how adorable your children are and that Morgan is 7. Where did the time go???

Katy said...

Exsqueeze me? Why didn't you phone me, babe? Did you go to Last Chance? Next time you're out here, you must come over. Like, we're BFFs over the Internet and whatnot, right?