Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our adventures in the Mexican Riveria

We just got home from a wonderful week cruising with the Seal family in the Mexican Riviera. A big thank you to Jack and Lolly for giving us such a GENEROUS Christmas gift and making it possible for all of us to go and make such great memories together.

Day1-- We flew from SLC to LA. Found our 'Starship' and got the party started...

with a little relaxation around the pool--swimming, yoga and eating

the mandatory muster call

Nothings better than dinner with all the cousins in the fancy dining room

and ending the night with a little fun (and minor surgery) in the cabin with Jeff and Rae

Day2--Day at Sea

We spent this day doing more of the same--swimming, relaxing and eating

Ryan and Hadley in the hot tub

The sunsets were amazing on this backdrop!

Day3-- Cabo San Lucas

We took a shuttle to Santa Maria Beach (closer to Cabo de San Jose) and had a great time shopping, getting tan, snorkeling and whale watching. But the highlight for Hadley were all the bees looking for a drink of our sugary pop. PTSD from our family pictures in the canyons. :)

waiting for our tender to take us in to Cabo San Lucas

Ryan playing frisbee at Santa Maria Beach

A view of the rocks from the cruise ship

Jack, Ryan, and Hadley

Day 4--Mazatlan

We had technical difficulties on this portion of the trip--my camera's battery died, Jack's camera (not battery) died but we did take a little video. I'm blaming the whole camera fiasco on the terrible joke that Gavin thought would be so funny...shaving his goatee and leaving a short little (mixture of Inspector Clouseau and Hitler) mustache.

We started off the day by taking a tour to the cathedral of the immaculate conception

Then we spent the rest of the day at this pool and beach

I know it is disappointing...but Gavin's moustache only made it 12 hours! Hallelujah!

Day5--Puerto Vallarta

We separated from the group (ok so they left us) and went to Sea Life Park and saw a Dolphin and Sea Lion show and then the kids had the time of their life swimming with the dolphins. Then we had some fun on the water slides and lazy river.

Hadley going for a dolphin ride

Jack getting a big kiss from Apollo

Ryan's handshake with Apollo

Having fun on the water slides

We took a cab back into the city and had a yummy dinner at Los Arbolitos and then walked along 'El Malecon'--the boardwalk. Lots of good memories at this stop!

Dinner at Los Arbolitos

Hanging out with the fam up on the top deck

Days 6 & 7-- Out to Sea

Not a lot of pics from these days. Luckily we found our chargers as we were packing to come home! We spent Day 6 out around the pool getting the last little bit of sun possible. But Day 7 is just one big motion-sickness blur. We spent most of the day in our rooms ordering room service and hoping to not throw it back up. The boat rocked all day long. It made it a lot easier to get off the boat and have excitement to return home. We were all so excited to get home and see Morgan, Griffin and Mia. We could see them watching for us from the window as we drove in the driveway. Morgan and Griffin were ecstatic and kept saying 'Welcome Home!' It took Mia about 15 minutes to decide if she was excited to see us again. And now she won't leave my side.

And of course I can't forget to thank my sweet mom (the day shift) and Mike and Jen Patch(the night shift) that watched the 3 little ones for us while we were out cruisin! I know from personal experience that that is not an easy task! Muchas Gracias!


Beverly said...

Glad you all had a wonderful time.

Ted said...

Lovin' that 'stache.

Brittany said...

It goes without saying that I am of course jealous. But welcome back we missed you!

Emily said...

Looks like you had a great time! How in the world do you guys manage to travel so much with 6 kids? You must have lots of people to help watch the younger ones, I wish we were so lucky! I am actually excited today because we are booking a cruise for next month and I just got our plane tickets!

I was wondering, do you ever take Morgan on vacation with you? This is one fear I have about Macy is that she will be to difficult to travel with when she is older. That bothers me a bit because I was so looking forward to my kids growing up so we could see more of the world together.

I'm glad you had fun!

Grandma Bethany said...

It goes without saying that I for one really do welcome you home!
Morgan, Griffin, Mia and I truly bonded. They are great kids!
It definitely made me realize just how time consuming being a mother with little ones is. You deserve any and all vacations you get.
Welcome home!

DKAZ said...

Who invited Chester the Molester...oh was THAT Gavin!?!?

Looks like fun! My Mom and Dad want to take the kids and grandkids on a cruise when they get back...I'm not so sure I want to take kids on a was it really?

karol said...

Looks like fun!! I could go for a cruise right about now! :) I should put a bug in my in-laws' ears!

Heidi Rushing said...

It all looked so WARM!!! Glad you could do that, you totally deserved it, just as will deserve the girls weekend in San Fran that's comingup! I am getting so excited for it myself. Even though Gavin may look like Hitler, it is a good thing he he has the heart of gold and let's you do all those special trips with your girls!

Kiki said...

Oh I want to go back! We went last April to the same places! It looks like you had a wonderful time!!

Mandy Buntjer said...

Oh my gosh!! This trip looked like a BLAST!! Jesse totally shaves down to a "stache" sometimes to be funny....but it's not! He just does it to drive me crazy. I really want to go on a cruise someday!

JaybirdNWA said...

It looks as though you guys had a great time together. Our kids also enjoy getting together with their cousins.