Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Chaos

What's Christmas like with six kids? Lots of smiles, giggles, anticipation, presents, toys, assembling, chaos, messes, boxes, wrapping paper, stockings, candy and FUN! We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids must have been extra good this year because they all got what they wanted . . . and then some!

This is before the beginning of chaos

Santa gave Jack a Nintendo DS and nintendogs, Ryan a hamster, Hadley a dollhouse, Morgan a kitchen, Griffin a big wheel and Mia got some baby activity toys.

But the big surprise for Jack, Ryan and Hadley-- a Mexican Riviera cruise in January with the Seal family

sibling rivalry--Blue vs. Red

Ryan's cute new hamster "Carmel"

Gavin made us a yummy gourmet french bread breakfast with homemade syrup. He got better directions this year and it turned out much better than last year's attempt.

This year's cinnamon french toast
Last year's loaf of bread with baked eggs around it! Apparently the trick was slicing the bread and letting it sit in the egg mixture over night before cooking it. Who knew!?

Happy 1st Christmas Mia Kate!

We went up to my parent's home for brunch and more gift exchanging.


COOLWHIP said...

Hey, Emma's middle name is Kate too! Way too cute. It sounds like anytime you have more than 4 kids... it's just crazy. We really weren't that chaotic until this year. I always enjoy the 26th. I get to take Christmas down, and put it away until next Thanksgiving.

Grandma Bethany said...

It truly was a great Christmas along with the chaos! You are most deserving of a nice relaxing cruise!

Beverly said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. I just love the doll house and the kitchen too! A cruise sounds so nice! Happy New Year!

mum2brady said...

What a wonderful Christmas - and I just knew it - more trips :) I thought as I was heading over to your blog - I wonder where Heather's been in the last month or so ;) You are the traveling queen - and I'm only a little jealous :) I love to see all your pictures! Looks like your kids had a GREAT Christmas and wishing you the best for 2009!!!

kEnNedY said...

sounds like so much fun! and the boys different hoodies made me laugh, sorry jack but go BYU!!!! :]