Sunday, April 27, 2014

Junior Prom

Jack is a junior this year and asked sophomore, Annie, to Junior Prom.  He dropped off a pillow at her house with this written on the pillowcase: “It’d make all my dreams come true to go to prom with a girl as sweet and pretty as you”.  He got answered a few weeks later, the night before we were leaving out of town for Spring Break.

Prom no longer means just dinner and the dance.  There is always a daytime activity as well.  He went in a big group of 16 couples.  They picked up their dates at 10 am and went on a morning hike up in the mountains.  Then they took their dates home to get ready for the dance and picked them up at 5 pm.  We got to see them all and take pictures at his friend’s, John’s, house before they left for dinner at Market Street Grill and the dance at Rice Eccles Stadium.

Jack and Annie

Everyone in the group--all 32 of them

The Swag Team
 John, Logan, Logan, Jack, Kade and Jace

The Boys

The Girls

After the dance they went to a church and watched a movie and played volleyball then took their dates home.  Jack got home at 1:15 and even though he doesn’t like to tell us too much but just wants to text his friends about the dance after he gets home, he said he had a great time and lots of fun with his friends and Annie.  Seems just like yesterday that I was going to my own Junior Prom.  And to now have a child old enough to be going to his own Junior Prom.  It really is crazy how quickly the days fly by and your kids go from busy, wild toddlers to busy, (hopefully not too) wild teenagers.  


Kristin said...

Holy cow that's a big group. How fun!

Grandma Bethany said...

Goodness, it has been so long since I looked at your blog, I almost forgot you had one!
So many young, clean cut young girls and young men! How wonderful that such a large group can have so much fun and dress modestly! Good friends are so important and Jack certainly is an example of exactly that!