Sunday, March 2, 2014

Big Sister

It was one of those nights . . . I couldn’t wait to have all of the kids in bed, a quiet house, and finally have a minute to sit down on the couch and relax while I watched some mindless show like The Bachelor.  Mia loves to read a story, sing a song and say a prayer before bed.  I was having a hard time thinking about tucking her in let alone spending 30 minutes to do it.  As I was walking Mia and Morgan upstairs for bed, Morgan grabbed her Pinkalicious book to read in bed.  Only Morgan doesn’t have any light in her room (we took the light bulbs out years ago so she couldn’t wake up and play in her room in the middle of the night) so I told her she could read her book in Mia’s room instead.  They climbed into Mia’s bed together and I realized I didn’t have to be the one reading the story to Mia-- Morgan and Mia could read the book together with Morgan’s help.

I’m not sure why I’ve never thought of having them do this before.  I was honestly filled with love and overwhelming gratitude that I get to be a mother as I sat on the end of Mia’s bed and watched two of my daughters help one another succeed.  “Awesome, Mia!”

Morgan doesn’t get very many opportunities to fill the "big sister" role or be a teacher to her younger siblings but reading is one area where Morgan excels.  I love that we almost always have our phones with us so that these moments can so easily be captured.  Morgan tries so hard to be patient with Mia but sometimes just can’t wait and blurts out the whole sentence before Mia even has a chance to try.

And one more tip . . .  always video your kids when it’s bedtime and they know they’re on borrowed time.  Behavior is always at it’s best!

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