Friday, June 7, 2013

Another one bites the dust.

Tomorrow is technically the last day of school.  Jack and Ryan decided to stop going a few days ago claiming no one is going anymore and the teachers aren’t even taking roll.  I always get anxiety with the end of a school year.  Nothing signifies my kids getting older more than the school year ending and knowing they will never be that little again. I know a lot of moms cry on the first day of school.  I cry on the last day (or the last week). I feel lucky that I got to be part of so many end of year activities this past month . . . egg drop, field trips to the zoo, This Is The Place,  Wheeler Farm, park and helping with the parachute game on field day.  

I want my teenagers to have the fun memories that come with the end of the school year--hanging out in the halls with their friends, passing their yearbook around; Instead Jack picked up his yearbook and stayed for about an hour for signatures.  Ryan didn’t even go to school today and missed getting his yearbook until he went up after school for work.  I saw a picture of another middle school student in front of the school with his buddies. Next year that school will be gone, torn down, to make room for the new school they’ve been building behind it these past 2 years.  I’m hoping I can get Ryan and a few of his friends to go up there tomorrow to get one last picture before they make their way to high school next year.

I’m helping with the end of year party for 6th grade tomorrow.  I don’t think it has sunk in yet that Hadley will be going to junior high in the fall.  She has grown up so quickly and is becoming such an incredible young lady.  She helped Morgan and Griffin tonight with writing their thank you cards to their teachers and gave them a bath while I was at a Ds moms dinner.  She is always looking for ways to help.  It feels like uncharted waters with her going to junior high.  Not sure what to expect with a girl.  I remember the catty and meanness of junior high girls.  I remember the insecurities and never feeling good enough.  My wish for Hadley is for her to know SHE IS GOOD ENOUGH.  She is MORE than good enough.  I hope she is able to focus on what really matters and always be the first one with a kind word or to lift another.  To continue with her strong faith and testimony in her Savior.

The kids all made cards for their teachers tonight and put a picture collage on the front of the card with a gift card inside.

Morgan had an amazing 4th grade year.  Her teacher loved having her in her classroom and part of the class.  She insisted that all of her therapies be pushed in the classroom and that Morgan only leave her classroom for 30 minutes of Math each day.  We are going to miss Mrs. McBee and her love, attitude and belief in Morgan.  Luckily her aides are both planning on coming back next year to be with her again.  That gives me some peace through all of the transitioning and hope that what has happened this year can continue next year.  Morgan’s behavior tracking had 3 choices this year: Super, Okay, and Rough.  ‘Super Day’ meant she got to watch a movie on the computer when she got home from school (her favorite thing), which meant she was laser focused on getting a super day and asked her teacher and aides repeatedly throughout the day, “Super Day?”

Griffin is ready for summer.  Academics and reading come so easily for him and I don’t think he felt very challenged this year.  He started the year in a classroom without knowing any of the other students (all of his neighborhood friends were in another class) and ended the year with lots of friends.  I think he had a good year but he definitely loves his electronics and would rather be home on the iPad watching Pokemon or playing games.

Mia is so ready for Kindergarten now that Preschool is over.  She asks everyday if she is going to Kindergarten today and how she will know when it is the end of summer.  She loved preschool and was excited to go every time.  She learned classic songs that even her grandma remembers, how to tie her shoes, her address and phone number, how to write her letters and is able to sound out simple words and is totally capable of reading but just waiting for her mom to check out some beginning reading books from the library and get started.  She had her final preschool program and talked about it for weeks before it happened.  She loves performing and doesn’t get shy at all to be in front of people.

I’m looking forward to summer and having everyone around for a little bit.  It gets crazy with scout camp, basketball camps, girls camp, Brighton camp, EFY and Trek.  Everyone will be together for only 3 of the 10 weeks of summer.  Hopefully we can make the best of those 3 weeks.  Now it’s time to get ready for the “clap out” tomorrow when Hadley and all of the 6th graders make their final walk down the halls of their school.  Sniff, sniff.

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Cindi Pugmire said...

So glad I am not the only mom who cries at the end of schoool:) I think I have been bawling all week; even sad no more carpool! Here is to summer!