Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ObSEUSSed with the LORAX

The theme for Morgan’s 10th birthday was a no brainer. I asked her if she wanted to do a swimming party  or have her friends over to watch The Lorax.  Morgan is obsessed with The Lorax and quickly decided that’s what she wanted to do for her party. We saw the movie multiple times in the movie theater over the summer and now it’s her first choice to watch on the computer.  She watches it over and over (with subtitles, of course)and reads and acts out every line with the characters.


I was going to keep the party simple . . . a few friends over to watch The Lorax . . . since I had just had surgery and wasn’t sure I would be feeling up to a big bash.  Then I made the mistake of googling “Lorax birthday party ideas” and knew I had to try to do a few of them.  

First idea . . . homemade Lorax pinata.  This was a huge task.  I had no idea how time consuming this would be when we decided to do it.  The tutorial online said to use newspaper and glue for paper mache.  After going through 5 bottles of glue and not even half way done with first layer, I thought something wasn’t right.  Luckily my instagram girls came through for me and suggested flour and water, not glue!  It took a long time to dry in between layers and we started the project only the night before the party.  We needed three layers so it wasn’t quite ready in time for the party.  Hadley was my go-to-helper on this party.  She made it so we were able to get a lot done in a very short time.  

Hadley painted the pinata and put on the Lorax face a few hours before the party.  We realized a few minutes before the party started that it had dried and was ready.  Unfortunately we had already used all of the candy in the party bags and decided to just have a big Lorax hanging thing from the  swingset!

The biggest hit of the party was the cotton candy (aka Truffula Trees).  I ordered a cotton candy machine on Amazon after I read all of the great reviews but after several attempts, I was ready to send it back.  They were anything but fluffy.  Then I watched a YouTube video that showed the technique used with this machine and everything changed.  I give it raving reviews!  We had all of the cotton candy pre-made for the kids.  The kids LOVED making their cotton candy.  That is one thing I would change for a future party. . .  have one of the activities: making cotton candy (“truffula trees”).  

Our first cotton candy attempts.  Laughable (if it wasn’t the night before the party!).


TruffulaTrees:  mini cotton candy (on striped straws)
The Lorax:      candy mustaches
Cake: Lorax cake (with sinking right eyebrow)
The Lorax:      cheese puff balls
Brown Bar-Ba-Loots:  Gummy Bears
Truffula Seeds:  Watermelon Jellybelly 
Truffula Fruits:  Candy Dots
Humming Fish:  Swedish Fish and Goldfish crackers
Drinks:  Orange Crush


Candy Lorax mustaches for everyone!

The birthday girl!

After all of the fun of playing in the backyard, eating pizza, singing Happy Birthday, opening gifts and making more cotton candy and eating way too many sweets, we ended the evening with The Lorax and popcorn.

Happy 10th Birthday Morgan!


Amy @ OurScoop said...

Wow! That is impressive! Especially post surgery! Everything looks SO cute! What a fun party!!!

Grandma Bethany said...

Another big success, but wouldn't expect anything less !!
It was such a fun party and I love how Morgan read all the subtitles for everyone :)

Heather said...

What a darling party for your oh so darling girl.

You have such a beautiful family Heather. A family full of blessings. I am often asked about our family size and how we do it and manage and honestly, I find all those questions so silly. Is it work and has it been heartache in some moments? Yes, but the beauty and the joys far out way all that. I am certain you feel the same.

Happy belated birthday to sweet Morgan.