Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m grateful for . . . 

My big family.  Everyone was in town this year for Thanksgiving.  All of the cousins have been having so much fun together with outings to the movies, sleepovers, video game marathons, shopping, etc.  We had the girls sleep over the first night so it was the boys turn last night.  The Rushings are really mean parents and don’t let their kids have any video games in their home so their kids tried to make up for lost time and stayed up all night playing NBA 2K12.  I told them to go to bed around 2 in the morning.  I guess I don’t carry much weight around here because I heard them hooting and hollering at 7:30 in the morning.  I went downstairs and took the controllers away and told all of them to go to sleep.  

They got about an hour of sleep before it was time to wake up for the 5K Turkey Trot.  Uncle Scott woke them up and jokingly told them how happy he was that everyone was well rested and got a full night’s sleep because they had a big day planned. . . Turkey Trot, raking leaves for the widows in the neighborhood and Thanksgiving dinner.  Gavin held on to his record of crossing the finish line first, then it was Uncle Scott, followed by the newcomer this year, Hadley.

I'm grateful for my own family especially that cute guy on my right!

Morgan’s grateful for  Grandpa

Grateful for yummy food, family traditions, great conversations and a home big enough to hold all of us together.

Grateful for my husband’s sense of humor.  Gavin likes a good joke.  And many times the joke includes some weird clothing ensemble.  He got this years and years ago from a building my dad leased to a car dealership.  He decided to have it make it’s grand appearance today for Thanksgiving dinner and was nice enough to wear a shirt on top of it for the big family picture.

And I’m grateful for my amazing parents!  I am so very blessed!


Heidi Rushing said...

And we are thankful for you and your camera!

Grandma Bethany said...

I agree with Heidi. We love our yearly tri-pod, timer picture. Thanks for helping us all to remember such a wonderful day and family! I know you don't have the time, but you could really have your own photo business on the side!

Nadine said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful day and makes me wish I was part of a big family like yours!

Kristin said...

haha - love the shirt. My hubby is an attorney, but wears his favorite roto-rooter shirt with the patchname 'Chuck' on it. We get stopped and asked plumbing questions all the time. We even got asked in Disneyland to take a look at a plumbing issue while in line for a mouse ear hat!

Hadley said...

it was 1-gavin 2-scott 3-JACK and then me!( for the race! )