Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random happiness.

Valentine's Day really was great!  I don't know about you but I'm ready to move on.  I need to update my blog just so I don't have to re-live that holiday every time my internet home page decides to open up to my blog.  It's been a busy month and I'm still not completely convinced that February is over.  But here we are, right smack in the middle of March (well not right in the middle but close enough).  

Life is good.  Many of you have asked about my dad.  First of all, thank you for all of your kind words and prayers!  They have been heard and answered.  He is doing amazingly well.  He had a rough first few weeks but just continues to get stronger and stronger.  He has more energy and is not needing to use his oxygen as much right now.  Right after his diagnosis he was needing it all of the time, but now only needs it when sleeping or walking up a flight of stairs.  We are so grateful for this tender mercy in our lives and to see my dad hopeful and happy.

We made cupcakes for no reason at all.  The kids all helped make them, pouring in the oil and water.  Griffin helped break the eggs.  Then they frosted their own cupcake and poured bottles and bottles of sprinkles on them.  They enjoyed every bite. . . of the frosting.  It made me wonder why I don't bake more often with the kids.  They love it and it only takes a few minutes to make it all up.  Then the next day I was reminded why it's only an occasional thing.  I couldn't walk anywhere on the kitchen floor without my barefeet being covered in cake crumbs.  It may only takes minutes to make them but it takes hours to clean them up.  


Morgan decided to go hands-free and just lick the frosting right off of the cupcake.

Griffin decided to go cupcake free and lick the frosting right off of the knife.  This picture is classic.  I caught Gavin right as he was getting mad at Griffin for eating a half cup of frosting.

And of course there's been lots of dress up going on in our home.  This is her Cinderella outfit.  She asked me over and over to put this pink doo rag on her head.  Then she went looking in her closet for a dress that looked like it was made out of rags.  (Sorry Grandma!  We still love her birthday dress!) She looked so cute but unfortunately spent the rest of the day sweeping, hemming clothes, dusting and singing with mice.  Just keeping it real for my 3 year old.

Love lunch dates and yummy food in the middle of the day but more than that I love catching up with girlfriends.  Especially when it's with someone I used to talk to on the phone every day more than I even talked to Gavin!  It's been 3 years and we figured it was time for our girls to become besties!  They hit it off immediately (love that about kids) and decided to find their own table away from us where they could really sit and chat.

Red velvet cheesecake.  Mmmmmmm.

Griffin decided he was way too big for a crib and ready to move on to bigger and better things.  Like a real bed.  So after 14 years of constant use (honestly this crib has not been kid free since the moment Jack came home from the hospital) it was time to take down the crib and put it away.

Is it just me or has Gavin changed a little bit over the years?    

I know I haven't changed at all.  Except I'm no longer 8 months pregnant and don't have weird bangs or a fan in my room.  Or wrinkle free eyes.

Griffin loves his big bed and Star Wars sheets!

After a long winter of being stuck inside, sheltered from the cold, it's the little things that make the kids happy.  Like riding in a shopping cart and screaming "Wahoo!" the entire ride into the store and still screaming after entering the store.  At one point, Morgan even held her arms up while she screamed in delight. Who knew Sam's Club could be such easy entertainment?

Check out my girl and her 100% perfect spelling test.  This makes all of the homework battles worth it.  Morgan does not like homework.  AT.  ALL.  And she's not afraid to tell me.  "Nope.  No homework today.  Homework tomorrow."  She's all schooled out when she gets home and wants to get some snacks, relax and watch her favorite movie.  It takes lots of patience and persistence to get through her reading homework and spelling homework.  But it's all worth it when she brings home school work that shows she's learning and progressing.  And my favorite thing about this spelling test?  Her cute letters.  Her handwriting has come so far this year and she's finally getting to where she can write her letters smaller and on the lines.  My second grader rocks!

Our weeknights are filled with basketball (and Bachelor, Survivor, sushi and dollar movies).  Ryan played in 3 different super leagues and became the 3 point shooter for the team.   He's got quite the shot and it's been fun being able to watch him play with his friends and improve so much as a team.

Jack and Ryan played on the ward basketball team and took first place in the stake.  Way to go boys!

The best thing about spring in Utah has to be spring skiing!  Beautiful scenery, warm air, sunburned faces.  Gavin was competing for "Super Dad" status when he decided to take Jack and Ryan and 3 of their friends skiing.  They all had a great time!

Ryan and Hadley have been anxiously awaiting their turn to get braces and were so excited when I surprised them with the news that they were getting braces in the morning  They woke up early and started brushing their teeth, trying to make up for 5 years of crappy brushing and flossing.  And happily skipped the beginning of school to go get braces.

Ryan was first.  Mia needed to be right there and check out everything that was happening.  Once she realized everything was going to be fine, she went back to the waiting room and ate all of their chocolate cookies and watched a movie.

Hadley was anxiously waiting for her turn.  There was talk of waiting another 6-12 months but a persistent mom and nine year old girl (almost 10) were able to convince the orthodontist to do something about those crazy front four teeth.  

Hadley.  Before and After.

Ryan.  Before and After.

And just in case you're in the middle of spring and really missing the cold and snow (We're not.  Just got hit with a HUGE snowstorm last night!), here's a little video footage of the boys enjoying their day at the ski resort.

Happy Spring!


Kelle said...

I love this post. Taking the crib down? Holy Emotional, Batman. Love the old pics you put in here too...you all young and pregnant...adorable.

Morgan's spelling paper made me smile and Girl, you KNOW I love that ski video. xo

Anonymous said...

You were such a cute pregnant mama! I love all the pictures! Great job with the spelling Morgan. And yay braces! So funny how kids are so excited to get them and then can't wait to get them off! HAHA! Happy Spring! Glad to hear all is going well!

kecia said...

That spelling test made me cry!!! How incredible is she??!!!! So awesome! Love the throwback pics! Glad to see you blogging again....I missed you. Oh and the cinderella ensemble is hilarious! Tell her she can come play cinderella anytime at my house if it means cleaning!

Grandma Bethany said...

I am always looking forward to your new blog.
I love how you make each day so fun for your family and that they can relive them through your blogging.

Kristin said...

Great update. Way to go Morgan! Her handwriting is fantastic.

Alli Easley said...

We did cupcakes with the little ones who don't go to school the other day and I can attest to the crumby floors for days and days. Good thing they taste so darn good! (and I take mine without frosting! My kids thought I was straight crazy)

Oh and not thrilled about the snow we got last night either. It took us an hour to go from 11400 S. to the Lehi exit on I-15. At 9 pm no less! Boo snow.

Summer said...

I always love reading your blog posts. That picture of Gavin getting upset with Griffin is so funny. Kids are hilarious! I am SO impressed with Morgan's spelling test! That is amazing! Yeah, Morgan!

Anonymous said...

Wow Heather!! I am so totally impressed with Morgan's spelling test. You have no idea how much this makes me smile right now as Ruby is entering her second week at mainstream school. Talk about emotional rollercoaster!!
I wrote my birth story last week and it felt really good to get it all out. Ruby is doing so well and is progressing more every day. I am so proud of her.

Love this post and it's funny as I was looking at Lily's crib today thinking that it has to come down soon....and like you it will be the last time it is taken down. So many memories and I had to laugh when I saw your pic beside the crib.....does everyone have a shot like that coz I have one almost exactly the same....(uh, well without the fan anyway!!). Too funny! Great post!!

Catherine Just said...

I loved reading the post and what is so funny to me is what stood out was reading about sushi and dollar movie night! haha! I apparently need to get out more!

nic said...

i'm so glad your dad is doing well. i've been praying for you all.

ps most every time we make cupcakes the younger ones practically inhale the frosting and then leave the cake untouched. i think it's a universal kid-pact. :)