Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair!

Mia's been obsessed with 'Punzel.  She didn't enjoy the movie, Tangled, very much while she was watching it.  Mommy, I scared!  Wanting to be held for most of the movie.  I think I had both Morgan and Mia on my lap at the same time during various scary scenes.  But she loved it once it was over.  I see Tangled again? as we were leaving the movie theater.  She thinks she has really long hair just like Rapunzel, especially when it's pulled up in some sortof princess do.  Like this . . . 
She opened this crown, earrings, necklace and bracelet on her birthday morning and wore them all day.  Playgroup.  Lunch date.  Birthday party.  Girl knew it was her birthday and she was gonna work it!

We took her out to lunch for her birthday.  I gave her the choice between noodles and fortune cookies (Panda Express) or quesadillas and strawberries (Cafe Rio).  She doesn't really like quesadillas but she LOVES strawberries and mama's salad.  So Cafe Rio it was.  She got lots of looks as she sported her princess crown and jewelry.  We were surprised to see Aunt Jennie and Lilly eating lunch at the same time.  Lilly pulled up a chair and shared a lunch date with the birthday girl.  "Wow!  That's a cute tiara, Mia!"  "Tiara??? (giggling) Thanks!"  Mia had no idea what was cute but she was gonna go with it because she knew she was rockin' out the cuteness on her special day!

Every time I talked to her about her Princess Party, she made sure I understood it wasn't just a princess party.  It was a Princess Rapunzel party.  So when I saw this crazy wig at Target I knew I had to get it for my girl on her special Rapunzel birthday.  I surprised her with it right before the party started.  She was so excited!  She wore it the entire party.  Some party guests had a hard time recognizing her.  And I thought it was a toss up between Hannah Montana and Rapunzel.  Either way, Mia was in heaven.  She stood at the top of the stairs, saying over and over, "Rapunzel, let down your hair!"  And then she would put her hair over the banister and we'd pretend like we were climbing up her hair.  Carefully of course.  Didn't want the wig to fall off!

It took about 30 tries to get this picture.  Morgan kept grabbing unsuspecting princesses right before I could snap the picture.  We finally got a willing volunteer to stand by her.  Our knight in shining armor, Griffin.

There was dancing, twirling and singing to Disney music.  Proof that Mia loves to twirl!

Then it was time for the princesses to get their fingernails painted and lips sparkly with lip gloss.

And hair styled just like a princess.  Morgan absolutely hates having her hair touched or combed.  Sensory overload.  She refused to look at me for a picture, making sure I knew she was doing this against her free will.  But she loved it afterwards.  Look Daddy!  See my pretty curls?  My dear friend Kim was so sweet to come and do all of the girls hair.  Heaven knows I don't know how to do anything cute with hair.  My poor girls.  They get three options every morning.  Ponytails, braids or down.

Then it was time for gifts.

Plenty of helpers with unwrapping, reading cards and opening the gifts.

Cupcakes and ice cream.

All of the princesses.  Cutest little girls!  Unfortunately I couldn't convince the knight to take a picture.

In honor of her 3rd birthday, 3 things we love about our Mia:

1.    She loves her soft, pink blankie.  It was originally Morgan's baby blanket.  She's dragged that poor blanket all over.  The house.  The backyard.  The car.  Church.  Trips. Walks around the block.  It's gotten lots of lovin' these past three years and it shows.  It's falling apart with holes on all of the seams and edges.  Batting falling out.  Just makes her love it even more.  About a year ago it was absolutely filthy and I finally was able to sneak it away from her long enough to wash and dry it.  I put her down for her nap and put the yummy, clean blanket right next to her face and with the most loving voice let her know that her blankie was all clean.  To this day she still has to say, "Blankie all clean!"  every night before I close the door to her room.  Most of the time it's not clean but I just smile and agree.  "You're right Mia.  Blankie all clean!  Good night sweet girl!"

2.  She loves Pinocchio.  We got the DVD for Christmas after Griffin asked me lots of questions about a wooden puppet whose nose grew every time he told a lie.  Figured my kids needed to know the classic Disney shows.  Mia wants to watch it everyday.  And is just as excited as Pinocchio when he turns into a real boy.  "I'm a real boy!" (said at the same time with Pinocchio).

3.  She loves to dance and sing with Morgan.  They pretend to be the characters from whatever movie they are watching (there seems to be an underlying theme to this post.  My girl watches a lot of movies!) and dance just like the characters.  My all time favorite was when I caught them doing the song from The Sound of Music and acting out the parts of Rolf and Liesl in "Sixteen Going on Seventeen".

You can tell that Mia is a good sport.  Takes all of the tough love Morgan gives her and just loves her right back.  Even when Morgan expects her to catch her from the couch!

Happy 3rd Birthday Mia Kate!  As impossible as it seems we fall more and more in love with you every single day!


Michelle Xo said...

Thanks so much for the compliments! I actually just started shooting with a DSLR a few weeks ago so I'm very new and I appreciate it :)

The first picture was the only one taken indoors and the lighting was actually looking like that! We were eating at Chili's, and there was basically a spotlight right on us! I used a white balance set to Tungsten, and I slowed my shutter speed down to let more light in (rested my elbows on the table to steady my camera) and then snapped away. When I edited, all I had to do was set the color balance to be a little cooler and not look too yellow.

Have you ever read "The Digital Photography Book" by Scott Kelby? I hav e volumes 1 and 2 and they are AMAZING they will teach you everything you need to know. I got them from and I paid $28 for BOTH and free next day shipping.

Becca said...

Oh my goodness, this is ADORABLE!!! From the beautiful princesses to the amazing Rapunzel wig, to the gorgeous birthday girl, the beautiful photos, and the yummy cupcakes - looks like a GREAT party! :-)

Becca said...

By the way, Michelle - I'll have to look for those books! Thanks for that recommendation!

Emily said...

Happy birthday Mia! She is such a cutie. What a fun party! I can't wait to plan a girl party someday. I loved the video, all the way to the kiss at the end, lol! What little performers! You have such a great family.

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

Thanks for the fun party! Lilly, and I'm sure ALL the princesses "had sooo fun"! She is still talking about her special party and the special party favors and treats. :)

Kristin said...

Happy birthday Mia - looks like a great party. Score one for Mom!

Zoo Mommy said...

So I had to come visit your blog because you cracked me up with the thin mint comment on GoodRealFood. And your blog photos are gorgeous! We have six kids, too :)

Brittany said...

I know my girls enjoyed the party so much! Thanks for having them, it turned out so cute!

kecia said...

oh my goodness! that last video is SOO cute!!! I love it! I also loved the cute! I can't believe she would leave that wig on! It is crazy how she looked like a totally different girl!

Heidi Rushing said...

The sound of music video made my day! We have already watched it 3 times and laughed until we cried! Thanks for sharing that! Looks like a wonderful party - fit for a princess for sure!

Summer said...

What an adorable party! Mia looks so cute in that wig. What a fun age!

Lisa said...

Such a pretty girl. You throw some party, Heather! And you take amazing photos.

Lacey said...

Look at all those princesses! Oh and the handsome prince too! I can't wait to have princess parties with my princess!

DKAZ said...

Can I have a princess party this year? I'll be there if you say yes.

Looks like lots of girly fun. Morgan's hair turned out really cute and do I have to say how lovely Miss Mia's was?

Mary said...

How wonderful!
Happy belated birthday!

RaeRae said...

We have also watched the Sound of Music video 3 times. Love it! That is priceless.