Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mama and Mia

It really does seem to happen in a blink of an eye . . . one minute you have your little newborn cradled in the nook of your arm and the next minute you're sending them off to junior high. I still feel like Mia is my little girl but she is growing up so quickly and the only thing slowing her down is me. I had the more difficult time giving up the bottle/sippy cup. I let her have them until she was 3o months old and decided to hide them all after a successful weekend vacation without them. It honestly hurt to put them away. Knowing she is my last one. Never needing to use them again. Bottles, sippy cups and diapers have been such a big part of our lives for the past 13 years that it seems strange to not have them around anymore. The bottles and sippy cups that is. Diapers and wipes are still a big part of our lives. She shows no interest in giving up diapers quite yet. I know. I tried.

She's growing up fast and I'm trying to enjoy every minute! She's doing all kinds of big girl things now and wants to do everything "by myself". She is almost 3. Her favorite new saying is "What the heck???" Makes me laugh every time and it's so much better than her other new saying, "you're stupid!" But my favorite thing is when we are driving and it's quiet in the car and she says, out of the blue, "I love you the most, mommy!" And I think she really does! She really is a mama's girl. I love it!

Wednesday mornings are all about Mia. All of the older kids are off to school and it's just the two of us left to enjoy the morning. She loves waking up on Wednesdays. "Mia, we have Musik Garden today!" "Musik Garden?" with a huge smile! And can you blame her? If you know Mia, you know she LOVES twirling, dancing, singing, playing and twirling. Did I mention twirling? Yah. This girl twirls and twirls and twirls. Every outfit has to pass a twirl test each morning before she will commit to wearing it.

Peek-A-Boo with scarves

Dancing, twirling, jumping!

twirling with her kid-sized hula hoop

Drumming and feeling the beat

After Musik Garden we walk over to this amazing pet store. The best thing about this pet store is that you can hold the kitties, puppies and bunnies. Mia's favorite is looking at the kitties.

My favorite is holding the bunnies.
We buy our 12 large crickets to feed Jack's White's Tree frog just in time to drive over to the library for story time.

Mia likes story time, but not as much as she loves the puppet theater at the library.
Yah. Wednesdays really are the best!


Vennesa said...

I love the pictures. She really is a cutie. My baby is growing too fast too. She'll be 4 next week. I was thrilled to pack away the bottles and the diapers. But I think it will kill me when she goes to kindergarten. Even thinking about it makes me sad. At least she's a late birthday so I get an extra year at home with her.

Kristin said...

I bet she loves her one on one time with you. And that you don't spend it doing laundry, or something 'boring'!

Grandma Bethany said...

Oh I am really missing our little Mia even more now. How wonderful that just the two of you can spend the day together. That is one big bonus for the last child (and for her mama). I love what a princess she is !

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that you two get the day together! She will look back when she is older and remember those days with fondness for sure!!!

"What the heck"? I love it!! I can't wait for Alison to start talking!!!

iColossus / Monster said...

Such a pretty girl! And you can tell in the photos how mischievous and fun she is!

And glad you found the hamster, wow, that would freak me out to know that he was cruising around the house!