Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water Disaster

I had big plans for today. And by big plans, I mean, I was going to attempt to sew on all of the patches on Jack's scout uniform for his court of honor tomorrow and maybe post some blog updates. My day was quickly changed this morning when Jack let us know the carpet was wet in front of his dresser. Gavin asked Ryan about it and he tried to blame it on Griffin. "Griffin must have peed in front of the dresser". He's got quite the bladder, that Griffin! The playroom carpet and boys' bedroom carpet was soaked! I spent the first part of the morning cleaning up all of the toys. Excited to see the playroom floor all clean. Toys on the shelves. All the right pieces together with the right toy. A big pile of toys for my friend's fundraiser (she's adopting an infant girl with Down syndrome from an orphanage in the Ukraine) and to donate. I thought I could use my steam vacuum and get the water out of the carpets. Still not sure the source of the water. I spent about 3 hours vacuuming up the water when Gavin came home and decided to pull up the carpet. Yah, I wasn't ever going to be able to vacuum up all of that water. The pad was soaked and dripping in inches of water.

Notice the beautiful reflecting pool on our basement floor

We ended up throwing away all of the carpet padding and drying out the carpet with fans

And all of the organized toys? All. Over. My. House. We had to empty out everything from that room and of course the kids were all excited to see all of their toys again and carried them into every room.

Just another angle showing the same disaster

The boys' room.
All of the stuff on their beds was either under their bed or on the floor of their closet. Luckily we only had to pull up half of the carpet and padding in this room. The boys get to sleep on the couch in the downstairs family room tonight. They were supposed to be asleep an hour ago and I can still hear their music blasting.

The playroom

Mia enjoying a new toy that was in the donate pile.

And we finally found the source of the water. The water heater. (This installer got really nervous when I took this candid picture.) And felt like it was almost free after the first guy came out and wanted to charge us $1300. We found this deal on ksl classifieds for $580.
And Jack's scout shirt? It's gonna have to wait another day or month. Busy day tomorrow. Morgan's going up to the children's hospital in the morning for dental work with sedation.


COOLWHIP said...

I hope that never happens again... but if it does, we have a guy....
Once again, I could have written this post.... Ours only leaked a little before I noticed, thank goodness for small miracles. Our carpet is 2 yrs old downstairs. Trent installed ours himself, and with 'the guys' discount we were out 300. Unfortunately it was exactly what we had saved for our Disney trip, thus far.

Summer said...

Heather, I'm so sorry! Definitely, not fun! I'm glad you figured out where the water was coming from though. How did things go with Morgan today? We missed you at the DS playgroup.

Kristen's mom said...

Welcome to my world!!! So sorry, I know how bad this can be.

DKAZ said...

How much for the kitchen(and all the accessories), the horsies, and the block thingy. Oh, wait, is this not a craigslist ad?

Cindi Pugmire said...

Oh my gosh; so sorry about the waster heater. We had the same problem and it was pouring out for over an hour, so I can relate to the mess. Everything soaked. Hang in there!

Kristinn&Thelma said...

o my o my....what else can I say!