Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

Gavin is an amazing dad. The kind of dad every girl hopes of having for her children someday. When we were dating we both knew we wanted a lot of kids and talked about how fun it would be to have a big family together one day. Here we are 14 years later and it's been an amazing journey with him. This parenthood stuff. He is rockin' the dad title. And just seems to get better and better. He's involved in every part of their lives and they absolutely love him!

The sports. He doesn't ever miss a game. And there are lots of games and events with four kids involved in soccer, football, basketball, dance and gymnastics.

The fun dad. He dares to go on all of the big rides at the amusement park with the big kids but also takes the time to go on all the kiddie-land rides with the little ones.

An example, spiritually and physically. Our kids get to see their dad set goals and accomplish them. Because of his example, Jack and Ryan now have an interest in cross country, track and running 5K races with their dad.

St. George Marathon

My helpmate. He helps out every night with the bedtime routines. Brushing teeth with the kids. Diaper changes. Baths. Putting on jammies. And it usually ends with lots of laughter as he swings them into their beds and finishes up the day with a good night prayer.

Family outings and adventures. He's willing to put in the extra effort that is needed to go and do things as a family. It's not easy to go places with all eight of us, but that hasn't stopped our family from going on lots of picnics, parks, restaurants, trips (complete chaos with 8 of us on the airplane), amusement parks, boating, road trips, etc. It's always a workout but usually worth it in the end.

Father's Day was filled with cards and gifts . . . lots of ties. He got a couple of ties from me and each of the kids made him a tie (a white tie that they decorated in Primary), Mia made him a tie in nursery, Griffin gave him a chocolate gold medal and Jack bought him a card and cow tales candy but Ryan ate it before Jack had a chance to give it to him (the fun of sharing a room with a little brother).

I love that he proudly wore all of his gifts around his neck at church. Looking like a big BYU fan . . . Ryan's and Griffin's ties both had BYU written on them. The strange thing is that Griffin only knows how to write his name and the writing looked a little too polished to be his own. I guess his Primary teacher is a BYU fan and thought Gavin should be too.

Thank you Gavin for being such an incredible dad!

We had a Father's Day celebration at our house with some of my family and some of Gavin's family. Gavin chose his favorite meal for the dinner--Hawaiian Haystacks.

The cousins all had a great time together

and so did the adults

We finished off the celebration with yummy crepes (made by my hubby) filled with nutella, strawberries, bananas, ice cream and whip cream. Yum!

Happy Father's Day to my own dad! I love you so much and so do your grandkids! You've taught me so much as my dad but the things that really stand out are hard work, milk isn't the best thirst quencher when it's hot outside, the value of a penny, the joys of traveling around the world with a large family, swimming pools in the backyard make summers fun, take time to turn off the lights before leaving a room, and the number one thing . . . love your spouse. Thanks for being such a great dad! I love you!

Switzerland 1980 (Way before PETA . . . )


grandma bethany said...

I have to say 'Amen' to everything you said. I don't know how you do all that you do with your lively family...actually, I do know that it is because you have the best partner and helper any wife could have.
We love you Gavin!

Jazzaholic said...

It was a fun party!

Vennesa said...

Heather, what a great post! I admire the way you two so much with a large family. It stresses me to the max to take all of them anywhere. By the time we get in the car to go I've already yelled at at least one of them. You know, just start it off right;)
ps. I'm loving your dad's leather coat!

grandma bethany said...

I love how Jamie, Brittany and I all posed with our legs crossed the same way :)

Heidi Rushing said...

You are way spoiled Heather! Great post to show off all his many talents - you forgot the part about how he can do all that and run Dunder Mifflin! Happy Father's Day Gavin and we will take a rain check on those crepes for Sun River!

Rebecca Talley said...

I have found in my experience that the most successful families are those where the dad is hands-on and involved in the kids' lives. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

Love your fur coats!

DKAZ said...

You rocked that fur coat! PS-Gavin looks great draped in BYU.

Kristie said...

I absolutely LOVE reading your family blog. You're sense of humor comes through in every comment! You're children are beautiful and that is b/c you and Gavin are great parents! Thanks for being such a great example to me. (For the some day when I'll be a parent myself!) ;)
p.s. I especially liked the Father's Day post. Gavin's a great dad. Who knew he was a Cougar at heart! ha ha