Friday, October 16, 2009

Marathon Weekend

Yay for Gavin! He ran his 5th marathon a few weeks ago. It's been 4 years since his last one and he's tried off and on to get into one but his name never got picked out of the lottery. This year he didn't wanna take any chances and registered twice (using his name and address and his dad's name and address) to guarantee his entrance. He was excited about his training and felt like this would be his best one yet. Then he went waterskiing. . . and injured a ligament/tendon (is there a difference? Somehow I managed an A out of Anatomy)in his calf. He wasn't able to run more than a few houses down the street before coming back home with pain. That went on for 2 months and didn't get any better. We already had our condo booked and were excited for a little family vacay with or without the marathon. I didn't think Gavin had any intentions of running it. And laughed when I saw him packing his marathon clothing. Who runs a marathon with no training? Gavin.

Mile 26 . . . moments before the finish line

Crossing the finish line 4:33

Jack, Ryan and Hadley are so proud of their dad. They have NO idea how far he just ran!!

A few days before the marathon Gavin started looking for 'training tips' to help him run the marathon. Apparently sit-ups are important as is a big pizza dinner for carb loading. But the biggest difference was following Jeff Galloway's marathon running tips--4 minute run and 1 minute walk. Whatever he did, it worked!! Way to go!!

sit-ups the night before the marathon

He continues to amaze me!

The fun didn't end with the marathon . . .

We also got to hang out with nan and papa

lunch at Pizza Factory with nan and cousins

papa fixing Ryan's brakes

and sleepover and playing with cousins

Dinner in Pine Valley

And what marathon post would be complete without a little trip down Marathon Lane--

1984--13 years old

First marathon. 3rd place.





The Gardener said...
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Beverly said...

wow, that is so great!

NatRat said...

Wow he is awesome! I love those pics of him when he was younger running. I was registered to run the St. George but had to back out because of injury...that was a sad weekend for me:( I love the St. George marathon! Looks like a great weekend!

The Gardener said...

Gavin, You're crazy! I'm impressed but I still think you're slightly insane for running a marathon with no training. :) Have you hugged your Mom for me yet? Congrats on making it!