Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday (OK ...Monday) Gratitudes

Sundays always seem like such a crazy and busy day for me that I don't get time at night to sit down and reflect on the happenings of the past week and all that I am grateful for! So I will have to make it more of a 'Monday Gratitudes' for me.
  • It was so nice to get back to my own home after a week in Mexico. I was sick and so grateful to not have to deal with the health care system in Mexico. For all I know, it could be wonderful...but I didn't want to find out! I have so much that I take for granted each day. I love clean water, my washing machine, dryer and dishwasher the most! :)
  • I am so grateful for wonderful family, friends and neighbors that were so willing to offer their service while I was not feeling well. I got a fever and cough in Mexico and by the time I got home it turned into a headache that didn't want to go away. After two days of no relief, I called my wonderful brother-in-law who suggested I just go to the ER to make sure everything was ok. It is always scary to get sick when you are pregnant and aren't sure if the headache is related to the pregnancy or the cough or neither. Within seconds my dear friend, Tiffany, was at the door to take Griffin while we went to the ER. My mother in law was also in town and came over to help get Morgan off the bus and make sure their was a yummy dinner for the family that night. Then my mom took over and helped with the kids. It turns out it was just a migraine (never had one of those before...and hope to never have one again!) and everything was okay. Somehow it quickly spread through my ward that I had had a brain aneurism!! They gave me IV meds in the ER that made me very sleepy. Of course, once again, my mom was more than happy to stay while I slept off all the meds. Dinners were brought in by loving neighbors and my sweet sis-in-law, Annie that didn't even ask but just showed up with a yummy pasole soup that could be warmed up and eaten at any time. I also received many phone calls from concerned family and friends. I am so appreciative of all these acts of kindness! It helped me realize how much more I need to serve others and not just ask if someone needs help but just do it!
  • I am grateful to have a new little niece! Lily Brynn was born on Monday (my mom's birthday) and everything is perfect. I still haven't even seen her since I have been sick but she looks absolutely beautiful in the pictures. Congratulations to Laurie and Jason...we are all so excited to have a new little baby in the family and for you two to join us in the joys of parenthood!
  • My sweet mom turned 65 this week and I wanted to express my gratitude for her! She really is the best mom! She is always there for all of her children and willing to serve, help, listen, support, love, ...reallyshe will do anything fo any one of her kids! I was lost without her when I was sick and she was still in Mexico. It was so comforting to know she was back home. We had a nice family dinner for her last night with a yummy cake designed by 'Jenny's Sweets' aka Jenny. It really wasn't much for all that she does for all of us but I hope she knows how much we all love and appreciate her!! Happy Birthday Mom!

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