Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How can my little girl be so big?

Morgan has been busy this past week. She had the annual Down syndrome Buddy Walk on Saturday at Murray Park. She was the most excited about seeing Barney there. She waved 'hi' to him but did not want to get too close. It was nice to see all the support given to this Buddy Walk since we have had such a mess with our local support groups deciding to not get along with eachother anymore. It is so sad since these groups were founded on unity and helping out each other. Morgan was just glad to get some cotton candy, play on the slides and try to run away from me at any given opportunity. Oh she can be so quick! :)
Morgan turned 5 years old on Monday! She had a little party at preschool with her teachers
and friends. She was so excited to get donuts and have everyone sing Happy Birthday to her. She is having a hard time with understanding that she is not 4 years old anymore. When anyone asks her how old she is, she still responds, 'Four!' And holds up 4 fingers to show them. I keep saying, 'No, Morgan, you are 5 years old now.' I don't think she likes that answer very much, although I think she is getting used to being corrected now after hearing it for the past few days.
We went to Jungle Jim's for her family birthday party. That is a little local carnival-type place with small rides and games. She had a great time and loved all the rides. It made me sad to realize that my oldest is now getting too old for things he used to love. It would have been a lot more fun for him to have just gotten a whole bunch of tokens for arcade games instead of spending the money on the all ride pass. It made me realize how fast my children are growing up and how I wish I was able to slow it all down somehow.


Brittany said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe how big your kids are getting either. It seems like I was just over at your old house babysitting Jack and little baby Ry Ry!

Scarehaircare said...

Happy Birthday to Morgan! She looks like she's grown so much since we last saw her. I will be calling the next time I am in Utah to see if you can get together.

kellyclay said...


Morgan is beautiful! I understand what you mean about your kids growing up way to fast. Sarah started prek today and it was so sad to see her go but she was so excited and Happy. she is not my baby girl anymore. :)